interesiting HTPC VGA Card HD6670

I just read a review about the Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 LP The writer mentions it is perfect for an HTPC. I slightly agree with him. Interesting specs for a small htpc with gaming capabilities. The card will do better without the cooler fan. Decide for yourself:

nMediaPc HTPC 7000B

Check out this interesting HTPC case

Great passive cooled vga card from asus. For HTPC game Fans

The Best HTPC should have the Asus ENTS450 DirectCU Silent. Check

Your HTPC can play iPhone and iPad content via XBMC

Your HTPC can play iPhone and iPad content via XBMC It is very possible that future versions of XBMC (a well known application to play media on an HTPC) get native support for Apples Airplay technology. The code to stream audio and video from an Ipad or Iphone to another device will be ‘borrowed’ grom … Continue reading